Relationship between Parenting and Mental illness

parenting & mental illness

Parenting and Mental Illness

Miss A was admitted to Tulasi Rehab with the chief complaints of self talking, hearing voices, mood swings, aggressive and violent behaviour, decreased sleep and appetite and suspicious towards parents. when she came, she was shouting loudly ”My parents are devils, they are my enemies. I don’t want to live with them”.

Why was she saying this?

Let’s go through this story…

Once upon a time , there was a beautiful girl, Named miss A. she was caring, responsible, affectionate, creative and good in studies. she had two sisters and one brother. Everything was going smoothly in her life except one thing, which used to make her impatient must of the time. What was that?

It was her father’s strict behaviour. Her father wanted everything on time and in place, if anyone tried to go against his rules and regulations, he used to became very aggressive. He did not like to interact with anyone outside and the same he wanted his family to follow.

“A” became a teenager, She wanted to fly freely. She was a cheerful person and wanted to interact with everyone from outside, make friends, dance, paint etc but her father did not allow her. Gradually she got depressed, suspicious and isolated.

Her parents did not have cordial relationship between them. And it, affected her badly. She developed negative thinking about them.

She thought that they were cruel and devil. They were going to kill her. She thought that they were responsible for her depression.She cried and Laughed at the same time and also heard voices and often talked to herself.Her sleep and appetite decreased and hygiene was poor.

Her family was shocked at her behaviour.So they admitted her in a mental hospital, where she was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. She was apparently well and returned to her studies and did diploma in fashion designing and wrote some poetry too, but soon she relapsed because of her parents’ behaviour towards her.

She was again admitted in a mental hospital, took treatment, came home but relapsed yet again. This pattern continued. Day by day her condition got worst. Her parents were not able to do anything.

Then they got to know about Tulasi Rehab centre. She was admitted and was diagnosed as Schizo-affective disorder.

When her condition got better, her history was explored and parents had session with the psychologists. After several sessions, it was found that her father was also suffering from personality disorder.

She is still taking treatment and her family is taking session too.

Things to know

• Children’s, who did not find healthy family environment, often developed many negative things such as conflict, complex, guilt, hopelessness and loss of confidence. And all these things may convert to major mental illness.
• The environmental factors contribute significantly in development of mental illness.
• Many research studies also suggests that some children, due to their certain environmental factors and stress, develop major mental illness.
• Ill family environment may affects a child’s thinking, emotions, perception and behaviours.
• Families need education and guidance in coping and communication skills, in providing emotional support to the child, and how to deal with a sick child.
• Furthermore, with the environmental factors, genetic factors also are responsible for development of mental illness.

Some characteristics of Healthy Families

 A Healthy family must be friendly in nature and is able to disagree without upsetting other members.
 In a healthy family, parents should not be very strict. Politeness is necessary and they should deal with children calmly.
 Healthy families speaks clearly. They are not rigid in their discussions nor are they confused.
 They have patience to ignore and tolerate their child’s small mistakes.
 Healthy families have a good sense of humour.
 They have sense of compromise and give securities to each others.
 In healthy families fights are not held for a very long time. Arguments are short and followed by more friendly environment.
 Parents must provide love, affection and security to their children.


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