Rehab centre and Importance of Occupational Therapy

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Importance of Rehabilitation centre and Occupational Therapy

It is not easy to be living inside a rehab centre. By the time a person reaches a rehab  centre he has already been failing at life constantly.

Most people in psychiatric rehab centres are suffering from mental ailments and allied problems. Keeping a job is a tough task for them. They are de motivated and sad about their circumstances and life. Treatment in 9 out of 10 patients is paid out of family money.

Given the situation it is safe to say that the major problems that patients are looking at after coming out after rehabilitation program is employment, self care, social interaction with family and friends. It is difficult for them to clear interviews and keep up with the demanding jobs, carry out daily chores, achieve balance in life for at least sometime after treatment at a rehab.

The mind is everywhere trying to make sense out of hollowness. It is difficult to focus. It is difficult to live one day at a time.

This is where occupational therapy comes in. 

It is an effort to teach a skill to patients so that they can try to be self sufficient.Occupational therapy takes into account whole person approach towards mental and physical well being so as to enable individuals to achieve their full potential.

occupational therapy

It refers to productive activities that enable an individual to live life independently and have a sense of fulfillment. This could be essential in day-to-day living like taking care of self, at work or in leisure.

It is very important that a spirit of well being brought about by financial independence be instilled in patients. It is a huge area of concern for patients. They constantly think of ways to take care of themselves. But the mind at the rehabilitation phase is overflowing with thoughts.

The objective is to teach skills that patients can use to make living at home easier after being dischaged from rehab centre.

The activities  propels their sense of self esteem .They feel that they can also contribute and be productive in their own ways.

This job is carried out by occupational therapist, but doctors and psychologists also get involved and have impromptu sessions…

It has been noticed that it has a very positive impact on the environment between the patients.Fitting in, is a huge concern for mentally differently abled .

Occupational therapy makes the patients feel united with the staff taking care of them. It builds better rapport between the counselors and patients.

It is important to understand that currently being in rehabilitation means that patients are a little short on efficiency. It is important for them to enjoy the activity and not feel it’s a burden.

They should never be forced to take up a task. The prime objective is sustenance of patient’s interest and not the quantitative aspect of his output.

contributed by Karan Narang

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