Tulasi Healthcare is the top Mental Hospital for psychiatric care in India

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Mental Hospital in India

Since 2000, Tulasi Healthcare has been committed to training mental health professionals, supporting clinical mental illness research and developing novel, effective prevention and treatment methods. Thereby, providing holistic treatment and care to our patients.

“We are honored to be ranked as one of the top mental hospitals for psychiatric care in the country,” said Dr. Gorav Gupta, MD (Psychiatry) at Tulasi Healthcare Hospital in a press release. “However, while it is gratifying to earn this accolade, our greatest achievements happen each day across our campuses as we partner with our patients, their families, and their community-based providers,” he added. “Nothing makes us happier than knowing that the work we perform directly improves the lives of people who are affected by psychiatric disease.”

Tulasi HealthCare is a name that captures a sense of pride and a spirit of excellence. We step forward with this name and a more outward-facing, aligned commitment to those we serve.

Building on two decades, we’ve most recently seen the power of collaboration with the coordinated response to COVID-19. Together, we leverage our people, research, and technology to find new and better ways to serve.

We want to have a stronger relationship with our patients and communities. Our Mental Hospital in Delhi aims to increase our organization’s integration even more so that our combined power can have the most impact.

Today we encompass a range of mental healthcare organizations. In addition to our treatment and wellness centers, these include a top-tier specialty psychiatric hospital, a rehabilitation network, a physician network and many locations for urgent and community care.

Tulasi Healthcare is distinguished by its research-based care. Our renowned mental health professionals are also psychotherapists who provide care.

Our psychiatrists/psychologists, at the Mental Hospital in Delhi, work to understand the consequences of debilitating mental diseases and our patients’ requirements in the lab, clinic, and at the bedside to assist and guide our investigations and enhance patient treatment.

The world needs mental health providers now more than ever. Our mental health professionals utilise advanced practices to manage:

  • Psychiatric mental health disorders

Substance abuse problems

  • Complex co-occurring disease processes and disorders across the lifespan to deliver primary and preventive care

We recognise how debilitating any mental health condition can be. It has complete power over one’s emotions, their life, and makes them feel stuck. It might make one feel helpless, isolated, terrified, and embarrassed. Our programme allows people to reclaim control over their life.

We personalise the treatment plan so that the patient can get relief, learn to manage their disease, and reclaim their life.

Our Psychiatric Hospital in Delhi Has Helped 1000’s Of Clients With:

Here’s Why Our Clients Succeed

Result-driven Individualized Treatment Plans Based on:

  • A full bio/psycho/social evaluation to determine the issues that are at the root of their mental health problems.
  • Treatment Goals that the client and their focal therapist have decided upon
  • Re-evaluation and revision of the treatment plan on a regular basis to verify that quantifiable progress toward these goals is being made in accordance with clinical standards.
  • 24 Hour Medical Support & Psychiatric Consultation

For those requiring medication-assisted treatment, our psychiatrist collaborates with the client’s clinical psychologist/psychotherapist to ensure they receive the appropriate prescription. We also have a 24-hour professional nursing team, experienced in physical and psychiatric conditions, always on site to care for clients.

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