OCD among children


What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Children and it's Treatment

A child may have been struggling with an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) when unsolicited thoughts, and the actions which result from such thoughts, happen often, take up a lot of time (usually more than an hour everyday), obstruct her/his routine of activities, or make her/him feel distressed. Such unwelcome thoughts are called obsessions & the resultant behaviours are called compulsions.

Such a child (suffering from OCD) sporadically has thoughts that bother her/him, and she/he may also contemplate doing something about such thoughts in order to tackle them, even if it calls for acting illogically. For a few children, the beliefs and the impulses to execute a set of illogical activities continue to exist, even if they disregard such thoughts or try to completely eradicate such thoughts from their memory.

The first step towards effective treatment of a child suffering from OCD is to properly address and comprehensively evaluate the diagnosed ailment with the help of a child psychiatrist or at a Child Psychiatry Hospital. Such an all-inclusive evaluation conducted at a Child Psychiatry Hospital will help determine whether or not the unease or anguish relate to reminiscences of a hurtful event which has traumatised the child in the past.

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