Treatment of Marijuana-induced Psychosis at Rehabilitation Centres

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Marijuana-Induced Psychosis Treatment at Rehabilitation Centres

Psychosis which occurs as a result of cannabis’ usage is the most common form of substance -induced psychosis. Cannabis is used more frequently than most of the other drugs. Even when adjusted for usage levels, cannabis’ products are more likely to cause psychotic symptoms than any other substance.

Psychotic episodes are perplexing for those who experience them and shocking for their loved ones. The symptoms include:

  • Delusion. feelings of ostentation and invincibility are common
  • Hallucinations: hearing sounds or voices, a condition termed as auditory hallucination is a common symptom and visual hallucination may be a symptom too.
  • Depersonalization or Dissociation. Disconnection from the world and detachment from their own minds and bodies is another symptom
  • Fretfulness and disturbance: may at the onset present itself as extreme disquietude, before worsening to mistrust or antagonism
  • Unsystematic feelings and talking. thoughts and language may become distorted

The symptoms of cannabis abuse include:

  • Elation
  • Severe sleepiness
  • Changed discernment
  • Extreme hunger
  • Dehydrated mouth
  • Sluggish impulse and reduced synchronization
  • Damaged reminiscence

Treatment of cannabis-induced psychosis at rehabilitation centres is an alternative. In fact, it is a very rewarding alternative for a lot of persons going through it today. It has been proven that psychosis caused due to cannabis’ use is usually observed among those who have been using cannabis and are also suffering from an existent mental illness or a congenital tendency of developing a mental disorder, irrespective of whether or not they are aware of it.

Psychosis is best treated at a rehabilitation centre, when it is diagnosed early on. Psychosis which is induced by using/abusing cannabis and other such forms of psychosis are characteristically taken care of by using an amalgamation of psychosomatic intervention and medication at rehabilitation centres. As a function of the level of psychosis an individual is diagnosed with, multiple extents of management & treatment can be administered at rehabilitation centres. A large number of people who undergo treatment at rehabilitation centres make a successful recovery, especially if the psychosis is diagnosed in its early stages. And though lots of folks are effectively treated, it must be mentioned here that the recovery results vary from person to person. This fundamentally implies that a few persons who come to a decision on getting themselves treated at rehabilitation centres shall witness progress in a week, while some other people may experience the desired advances in their health over many months or even after years post admission into rehabilitation centres. The most important thing to observe here and that one can do to get optimal results is to take the treatment at a rehab centre into one’s own hands(take responsibility for one’s well-being) – which is the first step towards making oneself the best possible version of oneself.


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